Pocket NC User ResourcesUSB Mounting Issue with Software Version 4.6.0

USB Mounting Issue with Software Version 4.6.0

There is a bug in the Pocket NC software version 4.6.0 that can keep USB flash drives from being recognized in the user interface. The steps below lay out how to fix this issue.

Revision History:

First Release: October 2020 (QR)

Step 1: Connect to machine over SSH using PuTTY or Terminal


  1. Establish a command line session over SSH.

    • Windows PC: you will need to install an SSH client. We recommend PuTTY.

      • Once PuTTY is installed and launched, we'll just need to input the IP address ( if connecting over USB) to the Host Name field, everything else can be left default.

  • Macs: this can be done with the default MacOS Terminal

    • Open a Terminal window and enter ssh pocketnc@

    • You will be prompted for a password, which is pocketnc

Step 2: Create Missing Directories


  1. Copy and paste the below command into terminal and hit enter (make sure there is no trailing whitespace after the "done":

for i in {0..7}; do sudo mkdir -p "/media/usb$i"; done

2. Verify success. Check that the directories have been created with below command:

ls /media

The SSH window should look similar to the picture below when finished.