Pocket NC V2-50 - Start Here

To get started with your Pocket NC V2-50 start with the below:

Read through the printed Quick Start Guide that came with your machine


Watch the getting started series below
Work through the First Part Tutorial

Getting Started with the V2-50, 3 Part Video Series

1/3 Unboxing:

2/3 Startup and Shutdown:

3/3 Tool Setup V2-50CHB:

Tool Setup V2-50CHK:

Cut a Part

Demo Spiral Part: If you purchased the ER40 fixture and B-table stock of delrin or wax you can cut the Demo Spiral Part. If you don’t have the ER40 fixture and stock you can still air cut this part as a demonstration of the workflow of loading g-code and running the machine.

First Part Tutorial: To go through the entire workflow of a part you can follow the First Part Tutorial which uses Fusion 360 to program the tool paths and cut your first part on the Pocket NC V2-10 machine.

Further Resources:

User Manual

Drawings, Dimensions & Models


Pocket NC YouTube Channel

Technical Support: service@pentamachine.com, +1 406-451-3799 or your local reseller