V2 Series Shipping Bolt Removal

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V1: October 2017 (JD)

V2: September 2018 (KN) - updated photos of shipping bolts

Removing the Shipping Bolts

There are four shipping bolts installed in the Pocket NC in order to lock the axes in position and prevent damage to the machine during shipment.

These bolts must be removed before the machine may be used. The bolts are M6x8x25 shoulder bolts. The 4 mm hex key is needed to remove them is included in the toolkit shipped with the machine. The bolts are installed only hand-tight.

Do not discard the bolts. They should be retained with the rest of the machine packaging in case the user needs to ship the machine in the future.

The locations of the 4 shipping bolts are shown in the images below. Two of the shipping bolts are located behind the Y-axis. When the user is looking at the back of the machine they are located in the lower-right quadrant of the machine. One of them locks the trunnion housing to the L-bracket and the other locks the A-table to the A-housing.

The other two shipping bolts are located on the X-carriage behind the spindle. They are both accessed from the top of the X-carriage. The top bolt locks the spindle mount to the X-carriage. The lower bolt locks the X-carriage to the main block.